How to get the best deal on your next plane ticket

Do not search for a particular flight too many times. Once a flight is searched more and more times, the price can increase due to search engines thinking the popularity of the flight has increased. Of course if you are looking for a great deal ahead of time, you will be inclined to search multiple time for the location...Here is what you do if you have to do this: Always search in a Private Browser or Incognito.

Do not go with the first flight you find. It is okay to shop around and check multiple sources. Consider flights with less amenities, these are considered budget flights.

It can be cheaper to buy One-Way Tickets rather than a Round-Trip. Compare the difference and see how much you can save, if any, when you try this method. Doing your research is a must when it comes to travel.

If you are traveling in a group, you will get a better deal when you book more than one ticket at the same time. Assign one person in the group the person to gather the money and book the tickets (maybe you are the right person for this job).

Book your trip months in advance, or as early as possible. 2-4 weeks ahead of time can possibly save you dramatic amount of money.

Travel during the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest times to travel - being the most popular they tend to be the most expensive. Most of the flights on these day are also packed, so if you hate tons of people you may want to consider flying on a different day of the week.

Consider alternate airports. This may be further away from your Destination, but it may save you a few hundred dollars off your ticket. The ability to Uber or Rent a Car gives you the freedom to attempt this method, or a good friend willing to pick you up further away.

For instance when flying from San Diego, California to Redmond, Oregon - It was about $200 cheaper to drive 1 hr north to Los Angeles and fly Directly to Portland, then drive 90 mins into Redmond. If I wanted to fly directly to Redmond, It would have been a flight with a three hour layover and connecting flight. Sometimes you have to out weight your options and see what works best for your circumstances.

Had I had someone willing to pick me up in Portland, I would have gone with the cheaper option.

Check into Frequent Flyer Miles. Does someone you know have any miles saved up that they would be willing to let you use? This could be a great gift..hint hint.

Check into deals and coupons. Groupon can sometimes be a great resource to find deals on trips. Check there and other sites like it before you buy your ticket.

Book a trip during off seasons. Everyone wants to head to Cancun during Prime Time, but I am sure there is a time not considered Prime Time that is still perfect for travel. Research your destination.

Simon Hailwood