How to Gift a Trip

With the passing of Black Friday, Christmas shopping season is in full effect. If you’ve got someone special on your shopping list and you want to give them a gift they’ll remember for years to come, consider gifting a vacation. Giving the gift of a trip is a great gift idea for that friend or family member who already has it all or for those who are notoriously hard to shop for. Booking a trip takes a lot of planning and research so make sure you’ve got all your bases covered beforehand.

Choosing the destination

The first step to gifting a trip is choosing the destination. It makes it easy if there’s a specific destination you know the recipient would like to go to beforehand. However, if this isn’t the case, take into consideration what the recipient likes to do. Do they love surfing? Skiing? Rock climbing? Taking that person’s hobbies into consideration can help you make a thoughtful destination choice. You could also take your past travels into consideration. Chances are if you enjoyed your time there, your friend or family member will too.

Consider the recipient’s schedule

Unless you’re very close with the gift recipient (husband, wife, child) you should take into consideration that person’s schedule. For instances where you aren’t totally sure of when that person will be available to travel it’s wise to wait to book the plane ticket or make the hotel reservation until after you’ve let that person know of your gift plans.

You should know a little about the location

If you haven’t been to the chosen destination yourself it is helpful to have a little knowledge about the gifted location. Whether you have a friend who’s been there before that has shared their experience with you or you pick up a travel guide for the location, it will be helpful for the recipient of the trip if you can give them some information on the destination.

Get creative with your gift’s presentation

Get creative and make giving the trip exciting! Is the gifted location tropical? Wrap up a swimsuit and some suntan lotion. If the location will be wintery and snowing, wrap up a pair of snow gloves with your gift announcement. Another creative gift idea would be to wrap up a disposable, or instant Polaroid camera with a travel journal. An easy gift announcement would be a travel guide to the destination; this useful gift is a great way to inform the recipient on what to expect on their trip as well as places they might want to see while they are there.

Make it a joint gift

Depending on the destination, gifting someone a trip can come with a hefty price tag. When gifting such a big gift it’s totally acceptable to go in on it with other family members or friends. Typically, those going in on the gift will be happy that they are helping out with a worthwhile gift versus gifting something that might end up in stuck in the back of the closet. The recipient of the trip will appreciate the thoughtfulness as well.

Book yourself a companion ticket

Give yourself a little something this year and book yourself a companion ticket. Being able to enjoy the trip and creating memories together makes the gift of travel that much better.

Leandra Garcia