What to consider when purchasing luggage

What to consider when purchasing luggage

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There is nothing more stressful than waiting and watching for your luggage at the airport’s baggage claim. You get wide eyed every time you see a luggage comes up and out the baggage carousel, “Is this mine?,” you worry. Will your luggage be cracked open, have clothes spilled out the seams or will it end missing this time around?

Choosing the right luggage could help prevent some of this anxiety, and help you avoid baggage fees or being pushed into checking a suitcase you didn’t want to part with.



Q. What are my luggage options?

A. You have the option of either going with a nylon, soft-sided luggage or polycarbonate hard-shell luggage. Your preference will depend on how safe you want to keep your belongings.

There are pros and cons of each type of luggage. For instance, soft luggage will allow you to “stuff” more items in the bag due to flexibility, but will not keep personal belongings safe when being tossed on & off a plane. With hard-shell luggage you get peace of mind that your suitcase will not be rummaged through by a stranger, but lose the ability to squeeze a filled suitcase in a packed overhead compartment.

Nuki Cases boasts ABS, plus two layers of polycarbonate and a TSA approved code lock.



Q. What’s the big deal about hard-shell luggage?

A. Here are just a few amazing things that you get when you purchase a hard-shell luggage. Hard-shell luggage is as durable as they come, and won't leave you unraveling at the seam. Spill something on your suitcase? No worries, just wipe your case down and you are as good as new.

Hard-shell luggage is also a lot easier to maneuver in busy places like the airport, due to having four wheels vs two on soft luggage. The wheels on a hard-shell case make it almost impossible to lose control and dragging your belongings.

All of Nuki Cases come equipped with four multi-directional spinner wheels.

Hipster Cats design available July 2018

Hipster Cats design available July 2018


Q. What else should I take into consideration when buying luggage?

A. Select a luggage with a bright color or unique pattern that can be easily spotted in a busy baggage claim. Adorning your luggage, if you go for a hard-shell case, with suitcase stickers is also a great way to collect memorabilia while making your case visible when traveling. Designer brand luggage is more a fashion statement than a travel tool as expressed by experienced travelers.

Size is important to consider when making the leap to purchase luggage also. Check with multiple airlines to see their individual size requirements and compare that to the luggage of your choice. The three most common sizes are that of a carry-on, medium check and large check suitcase - but sizes may vary per airline.

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