Plan Your Perfect Staycation

“Relax, renew, refresh.”
— Unknown


Your summer vacation doesn’t have to involve breaking out your passport or sitting in the car for 10 hours. For those who are looking for a quick break that won’t leave you jetlagged consider planning a staycation.

Staycations are great because they typically involve less stress than vacationing away and, if you forget to pack something, home is close enough go back and grab what you’ve forgotten.

Staycations are also great options when traveling with small children because if they aren’t adjusting well to where you are staying the option to pack up and go home earlier isn’t a costly one. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you plan the perfect staycation this summer.

Do your research and check out local travel guides for tourist attractions. Chances are there will be something on the map you’ve never heard of before. If an event or attraction really catches your eye, consider booking a hotel nearby and make that your central point of interest for the weekend. 

Get a sitter. 
If you’ve got kids sometimes it’s necessary for a little solo R&R for you and your significant other. Get a babysitter for the weekend or check with the grandparents to see if the kids can spend the weekend with them. Even if you aren’t checking into a hotel for your staycation the sound of silence in your home might make it seem like you’re away from home! 

Indulge a little. 
Since you’re saving money on travel costs, use the savings to indulge a little. Opt for that fancy bottle of wine or book the 1-bedroom suite instead of the regular room. You could choose to spend some of your time splurging on a shopping spree with the money you’re saving by staying local. The goal is to make it feel like you’re truly out on vacation and away from home. 

Relax by the water.
There’s something extra relaxing about laying out near a body of water. Whether it’s the pool, a lake, or the beach take some time out to relax and work on your tan with your favorite book and a cold beverage. 

Don’t forget to take pictures.
Just because you’re staying local doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be capturing memories. Don’t forget to pack your camera (or use your cellphone) to take pictures along the way. 

Check out a show.
Get tickets to a show. Whether it’s that movie you’ve been wanting to see or getting dressed up for a play or comedy show, have fun and make a night out of it. 

Ditch the car for the day.
It’s amazing how much you miss in your own city because you’re driving! Choose a location to park and ditch the car for the day so that you can check out shops and eateries you might not see from inside of a car. Plus, a little exercise doesn’t hurt either. 

Set your away message.
Just because you’re right around the corner from your home and office doesn’t mean that you should be bothered while on vacation. Make sure you remember to set your “out of the office” message so that you can really use your staycation to relax and recharge. 

Simon Hailwood