Why you should take a solo vacation at least once in your life 

To Travel is to Live
— Hans Christian Andersen



Have you been putting off planning your next vacation because you don’t have anyone to go with? Or maybe your significant other can’t get the time off for another year? If the reason you’ve put off traveling has to do with the company you’re expecting to travel with, consider taking a solo vacation. Traveling without a wingman might sound intimidating but it can actually be a very liberating and eye-opening experience and everyone should travel solo at least once in their lifetime. If you’ve never considered vacationing alone there are numerous reasons as to why me, myself, and I will make a great travel buddy on your next trip.


The itinerary is completely up to you.


When traveling in a group or with one other person, it’s etiquette to compromise on what everyone would like to do during the vacation. Everyone is unique and chances are you’ll end up doing things that you’d rather not do and passing up on things you would rather do for the sake of compromise. When you’re traveling alone the itinerary is completely up to you! You won’t have to worry about dropping money on that expensive sightseeing tour when you’d rather pick up a map and make your own self-guided tour. You’ll also be able to change your plans at the drop of a hat since the only person who needs notice of the change in plans is yourself.


You might discover something about yourself you never knew.


The best self-discovery typically comes when we are alone with our thoughts, so this makes a solo vacation an amazing time to do some inner reflection and discovery. Self-reflection is imperative to our mental, emotional, and physical health and self-reflection often gets lost in the mix of our sometimes-hectic day to day lives. If you need a reason to give yourself a vacation self-reflection should be that reason as you’ll return refreshed and energized to take on the daily grind with a renewed sense of self.


You’ll meet new people.


When traveling with friends or family you are more inclined to focus on the company than those around you. There’s nothing wrong with this, but meeting new people brings about new opportunities and connections that could potentially be life changing. Chatting up the locals is also a great way to discover secrets about your destination that would otherwise go overlooked.


Stepping out of your comfort zone is empowering.


No one likes to step out of their comfort zone but being comfortable your whole life is the easiest way to miss out on actually living your life. Traveling solo might seem intimidating but you’ll be met with a sense of satisfaction and empowerment at the close of your trip. Traveling independently can open your eyes to a new perspective on life which you’ll be able to carry with you into your regular day to day routines once you’re back at home.


You’ll pick up on the intricate details of the destination.


Traveling alone forces you to really focus on the experience and surroundings of your chosen destination because there’s no one to distract you from the details. If you’re choosing to travel to a destination you’ve been to before you might be surprised at the little things you missed on your previous travels with your travel friends and family.