Nuki Cases puts the FUN back into Travel

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Traveling can be stressful, so worrying about your luggage really isn’t something you want added to your travel day and that’s why choosing the right suitcase is so important. The right piece (or pieces) of luggage is an investment that everyone should make as it could make the difference between a hassle-free trip and ending up with half of your belongings scattered on the baggage claim! The latter might be an exaggeration, but the right luggage really can make a world of a difference the next time you travel. Nuki Cases can deliver everything you need and more when it comes to a suitcase. If you’re new to the brand or in the market for a new set of suitcases, read on as to why you should make the jump to Nuki Cases. 

Convenient Patented Front Opening
Our patented, front opening cases makes grabbing an item out of your suitcase simple and easy. With Nuki, you don’t have to worry about your belongings falling out when you need to grab a sweater or your laptop out of your suitcase. Traditional hard cases only open from the middle, which makes it difficult to pick out one item without other items falling out. Nuki Case’s inner snap-straps will also help keep your clothes and belongings organized and neatly in place, so you won’t have to worry about an explosion when it comes time to unpack.  

Durable Hard-Shell Casing
Nuki case’s durable hard-shell casing which is made of ABS plus 2 layers of polycarbonate make it the perfect suitcase for traveling domestic or abroad. With long flights and transfers, worrying about whether your luggage will arrive intact is a legitimate concern, but with Nuki Cases you’ll be able to travel at ease knowing your luggage will be with you for the long haul (literally!).

Unique Patterns and Colors
You won’t have to worry about being the first person to make it to the baggage claim in fear that someone with the same suitcase is going to pick up your bag with Nuki Cases. Nuki Cases come in a wide variety of unique patterns and colors, so you’ll be able to spot your luggage quickly, allowing you to be on your way to your destination in no time. 

Multiple Sizes
Nuki Cases come in three different sizes, 20”, 24”, or 28”, which means we’ve got you covered regardless of your travel plans. Whether you’re traveling for a night or a month, Nuki Cases will be your go-to suitcase for all your traveling needs. Nuki’s suitcases can be checked or choose the carry-on size and keep your suitcase with you during a flight. 

Additional Features
Nuki Case’s durable spinner wheels make hauling your luggage around a breeze. Your Nuki Case also gives you the option of a top or side carry handle, which makes it easy to load your suitcase from any angle. In addition to the snap straps mentioned above, Nuki Cases come with internal zipper pockets and Velcro strips for additional organization for your belongings. Your Nuki Case is also fully lined with a durable liner that won’t break away from the hard-shell of the suitcase. Another noteworthy feature is the TSA approved code lock, which will give you piece of mind that no one else will be able to get into your luggage. 

Simon Hailwood