The Best Times to Book Travel

Who doesn’t love a great deal, especially when it involves saving money. Sweeten your next vacation by using these vacation shopping tips to save you big money on your next adventure away from home.  

Book in advance.

This tip is a no brainer, and 99% of the time booking in advance equates big savings. When you book months ahead of time, there’s plenty of room on your desired flight and plenty of rooms in your desired hotel. Scarcity is what ramps up the prices and the closer you get to your travel date the more likely your plane and hotel will be approaching capacity.

Although booking in advance is the rule, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. For example, some vacation rental sites such as VRBO offer big discounts for booking last minute rentals, as it’s better to lower the price and gain a booking then to keep the normal rate on a vacant rental. If you’re thinking about getting away last minute, the savings offered for spare of the moment travel can make your getaway a little sweeter.

Book your travel for the off season.

Typically, thoughts of offseason travel are paired with bad weather and closed tourist attractions. However, this isn’t always the case and you should definitely consider booking your next vacation during the offseason. Although there might be a chance of bad weather during your stay, chances are slim that bad weather will stay the entire duration of your vacation. Another plus when traveling during the offseason is beating the crowds. Imagine not having to wait in huge lines and having easier access to your destination’s hot spots!

Shop on Sundays or Tuesdays.

Tuesday is no longer the only golden day of travel booking, in fact booking on a Sunday might afford you an even better rate on your desired flight. The worst day to book domestic and international flights is Friday, so do your bank account a favor and stick to flight shopping on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Book your travel in September.

Flights are notoriously cheaper when booked during September. Most people have already traveled during the summer and aren’t thinking about another vacation. September also marks the beginning of the school year for children which is another factor that draws people away from thinking about booking a trip. Typically, airlines and travel sites roll out big deals to encourage travel because most people simply have other things on their mind during this time so take advantage of the travel lull and book your travel arrangements in September.  

Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday and be flexible with departure times.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days to pick your departure and return flights. If your vacation schedule is flexible opt for these days when looking up flights. It also helps to be flexible with your travel times, the least desirable travel times usually come with a discounted price tag.

Simon HailwoodComment