Airport secrets that will change the way you travel

Going to the airport doesn’t have to be a drag! Seasoned travelers know the ins and outs of getting the best airport experience possible every time they travel. We’ve compiled a few airport secrets the pros use during their time at the airport to make your travel day a little more enjoyable.

Browse for flights with an “in private” browser or remember to clear your cookies.

If you’ve ever browsed a travel site or airline site without booking the flight right away only to return later on in the day to find that the flight you want has increased in price this rule applies to you. Many travel sites will track your activity and raise their prices based on your interest in particular flights. Choosing to browse before you buy in a private browser or clearing your cookies after you look will help avoid these sneaky price increases.

Four wheels for the win!

When picking out luggage, always opt for four wheels over two. Having four wheels makes your bag much easier to haul around and you’ll avoid dragging it on the ground which will add wear and tear to your luggage. Nuki Cases come standard with four multi-dimensional spinner wheels which makes hauling your suitcase around the airport a breeze.

Always remember your hand sanitizer.

With the amount of people that pass through an airport on a daily basis you couldn’t expect anything less than a breeding ground for germs. It’s nearly impossible to avoid contact with chairs, door handles, and other items around the airport and inside the airplane so always remember to pack your hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

Pack your own food and water.

Typically, airline food isn’t very tasty and grossly overpriced. Packing your own food and snacks is a cost-effective alternative to airport food. Make sure to check with TSA on what types of food you can bring through security so that you don’t end up throwing away you pre-packed food before you can get through security. Another money saving tip is to bring your own water bottle (empty) and fill it up once you’ve gotten past security. Bottled water can cost over $5 in some airports so do your wallet and the environment a favor and bring your own reusable water bottle.

Unique luggage will save you time.

The baggage claim is usually a jumbled mess and it’s much easier to grab your luggage and go if it’s uniquely identifiable by you. Add a colorful ribbon or other marking to your luggage so that you’ll know it’s yours and others will know it’s not theirs. Nuki Cases offers a wide variety of completely unique luggage designs that you’ll be able to spot on the baggage claim right away and the chances of another traveler on your flight having the same Hipster Cat suitcase are slim to none. 😊

Sign up for an airline rewards program or a travel credit card.

Most airlines have their own rewards programs which let you earn points for travel and other purchases. Typically, these programs are free to sign up so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join and start saving points towards free flights. You can also sign up for a travel credit card to earn points and other cool rewards. For example, some airports offer exclusive lounges to certain credit card holders so you’ll be able to relax a little bit easier before takeoff.

TSA pre-check really is worth it.

Imagine skipping through security without the need to take off your shoes, wait in a huge line, or being forced to throw away all of our carry-on liquids? For TSA pre-check members you can do just that and if you’re a frequent flyer it is well worth the investment.

Simon Hailwoodtsa, luggage, travel tips