Packing Tips every Traveller should know

Packing Tips every Traveller should know

Packing is the best part of a vacation.
—  said no one ever.

This whole love/hate idea about packing was recently thrown out the window when Nuki Cases launched their exclusive line of front-opening hardshell luggage. These cases protect your belongings while in transit with their durable hardshell and easy to maneuver wheels. Also they boost front opening access to make packing less of a chore.

Prior to Nuki Cases, hardshell luggage was only available to where your suitcase split into two halves and you had to pack each side accordingly. That’s almost like having to pack 2 suitcases instead of one, no thank you!

Nuki crafted the perfect luggage and it’s available in 3 amazing sizes. The Small Carry-On is the smallest of the set, which should really be named “The Essential” because this has to be the most versatile case in the whole collection. Small enough for an airline carry-on, this case has been my go-to Mobile Office since day one.

The Medium Check and lastly the Large Check, which I have packed with no problem for a 3 day trip (1 adult and 2 kids!).

Each piece of luggage is available , though the set is the way to go.

With Nuki Cases you will want to travel more, and packing will seem less daunting. But, this isn’t your end all solve all, this won’t make you any less the over-packer that you may be. To work out that little issue, we have a few Packing Tips every Traveller should know.


  1. Check your Destination Weather.

We over pack when we want to plan for the unexpected. Check the weather and know exactly what to expect. If it will be 80 degrees, you might be able to leave the thermal sweater at home this trip, just saying.




2. Make a packing list & layout all of your clothing.

Write a list of your must have items and things you need in your everyday life. (i.e phone charger, curling wand..) Now for each day you will be away, layout your outfit for that day. This will help you see how much stuff you actually have, and avoid overpacking things you don’t need. We have heard, that packing clothing items that can be mix and matched also cut down overpacking tendencies.

Here’s a sample Packing List that may be useful.

Photo Credit:  Traveling Mom

Photo Credit: Traveling Mom

    3. Roll, don’t fold.

If the other 2 tips aren’t your forte, this one will definitely be your best friend. Some of us just have to overpack for peace of mind. ;)



The roll trick is a trending trick that everyone should have heard about by now. Does it really work? Heck yes it does! We put the roll, don’t fold hack to the test and were blown away by how much more space we had.

What packing hack is your travel saver? Leave us a comment or connect with us on social.